2021 Chef Culinary Conference - Shared screen with speaker view
Adam Millman
Hello All
Carole Bartolotto
Hi, when will we get the slides from your presentations?
Dustin Cutler
I thought we were advancing the slides
Dustin Cutler
Can I control the deck?
Marlene Navarro
Yes, you all control your own deck
Carole Bartolotto
I mean after the program is over, will they be emailed to look at again?
Dustin Cutler
Oh of course
Carole Bartolotto
Dustin Cutler
after my presentation.
Dustin Cutler
Is that okay?
Carole Bartolotto
Yes, I wanted to get the slides from the first person who spoke today on fruits veggies etc. Does this conference send all the slides out at some point?
Julaine Kiehn
Great comments by all presenters!! I like the compact bundles of critical information provided by the presenters!
Merrill Collins
What a great panel of experts presenting nuggets of brilliance - thank you all and UMass for a great conference even in the altered format! While I miss the in person, this session in particular feels like a great networking session.
David Adler
Can close captions be put on. I have a hearing impaired employee with me
Carole Bartolotto
Presentation is freezing
Julaine Kiehn
It is essential that plant-based protein products have a healthy profile. . . or what is the point?!
Julaine Kiehn
Thank you to Dr. Hu!
Julaine Kiehn
Thank you to Driscoll's and Ocean Spray for sponsoring!
Mary Molt
Is there any program at your schools where students are hired into student jobs and in addition to a wage, are given a meal. It seems like this would be a win-win situation.
Angie Verdin (she/her/hers), UC San Diego
Yes, at UCSD all student workers through the Housing, Dining, and Hospitality get a free meal with every shift they work. It is helpful for students to have their Dining plan last longer
Mary Molt
My question is how can we match students in need with jobs. Are there models that are working to "match" the students with jobs?
Brian Scott Devorkin, University of Michigan
Thanks for asking Mary! At UMich we have a outreach department email domain students can reach out to and inquire about work in dining halls. Every 3 hours worked is a free meal and we do consult with students to place them in a variety of settings from catering, cafes, dining halls, interning under directors, maize and blue cupboard, and more!
Lucy Wilkins, Yale University
Celebrating different events and holidays through pop-up events and in the menus is really wonderful and always appreciated on campus!
Viva, Cornell University
Hi Mary, Definitely! At Cornell students who work with dining are given free meals and meal plan discounts in addition to their wages. In terms of matching jobs, we have a campus portal where students can see the jobs that are available and apply to them. It is also advertised around campus. Cornell Dining is always hiring! Students can apply anytime.
Mary Molt
We do the same but what I am wondering if there are any models that have a direct link to students in need. A program that will deliberately make the match between student and job.
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